Dental Staff

Meet Our Friendly Monroeville, OH Dental Office Staff

We strive to provide our patients with quality affordable dental care in a warm and caring environment. We believe that each patient deserves the best oral health care available in today's dental industry. We want to help you help yourself in achieving optimal oral health. We want you to be comfortable, knowing that if you are comfortable and welcomed, you will bring your family and friends here as well. We hope to help you understand how your mouth affects your entire body's health and welfare. Our team is proud to serve the Monroeville and Norwalk area. Learn more about our team below.

Debbie Anderson, CDA, EFDA

Debbie, CDA, EFDA

Debbie assists the doctor and provides you with your fillings after the doctor has completed his work. She is extremely loyal to the Monroeville community and has been working at Monroeville Dental for over 18 years!  

Debbie's Dental Health Tip: Make sure you update your medication list with us each time you visit. This is an important part of your visit so that we can optimize your treatment. 


Lisa Biehl, CDA, EFDA


Lisa will assist the doctor and help you understand the procedures that are being provided to you during your visit. She will also assist the doctor with your fillings.

Lisa's Dental Health Tip: Good oral health in children translates to healthy adult teeth. Take your child to the dentist by their third birthday.


Melissa Summerfield, CDA

Melissa, Certified Dental Assistant

Melissa will assist the doctor as he is preparing your fillings.  She will also take x-rays and be sure she understands your situation fully to help you get the care you desire and the health you deserve!


 Stephanie Johnson, RDH

Stephanie, RDH

Stephanie will polish and clean your teeth and help you with your oral health care.

Stephanie's Dental Health Tip: You can't reach the tight spaces between your teeth or under your gumline with a toothbrush; that's why daily flossing is important. 


Brandi Chaffins, RDH

Brandi, RDH

Brandi will clean your teeth and help you understand how your dental health affects your overall health. Sometimes, she will assist the Dr by administering your anesthesia.

Dental Health Tip: Don't choose favorites, every tooth deserves to be flossed! Here's a fun song about brushing: (to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star") Here's my toothpaste Here's my brush I won't hurry, I won't rush. Working hard to keep teeth clean Front and back and in between When I brush for quite a while I will have a happy smile.


Sheila Behnke, Front Desk Administrator

Michelle, RDH

Michelle will clean your teeth and make sure that you stay on track with your cleanings and oral hygiene.  She wants to make sure you have the healthiest smile possible!


Missy Ferber, Front Desk Administrator

Missy, Dental Insurance & Treatment Coordinator

Missy will assist you in understanding your treatment plan and your financial responsibility. She is excited to help you understand the procedures and the best way to schedule your appointment so you use the most of your time and money! Missy is extremely experienced and has been working in the dental world for over 15 years!