Composite Fillings

What are composite fillings?

Monroeville Dental will use a composite resin material to fill a cavity found in your mouth. This filling will make a seal over a hole in your tooth that was caused by the decay (a cavity). The composite filling prevents the decay from spreading and causing more serious damage to your teeth. Composite fillings are the more popular choice in filling material.

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How do I know if I need a filling?

Often, when you need a filling, you’ll have some tooth pain or sensitivity to hot, cold and sugary foods. If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity, or if you notice a “dark spot” on your teeth, you should call your dental office to make an appointment.

What is the procedure for a composite filling?

Filling a cavity with a composite material is a fairly simple procedure. The first step is an examination of the tooth with X-rays, to determine the extent of the decay. Then, the decay is removed from the tooth and the tooth is cleaned. If needed, you will be anesthetized first, so you won’t feel any discomfort. After removing the decay, the tooth structure is prepared to receive the translucent cement, and then the cement is applied to bond the tooth and the filling material together.

At Monroeville Dental, we can’t stress the importance of preventative dental care enough. By taking care of your teeth routinely with exams, cleanings and X-rays, you’re far more likely to not need a filling. Maintaining daily oral hygiene at home is also key to preventing cavities and needing a filling.

Our composite fillings are the same color as your teeth so they blend beautifully with your other teeth. A popular choice for those who don’t want their fillings to show, composite is a mixture of plastic and glass, which actually bonds to the rest of the tooth. Less drilling of the tooth is necessary when placing composite as compared to amalgam.

After a filling, cleaning or an exam, Dr. Trask and his experienced team will make sure you leave with a great dental plan moving forward. This can help prevent having to get another filling in the future.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain and think you may need a filling, Monroeville Dental is here to help. We’re glad to help you or a loved one get a filling and be back on track towards exceptional oral hygiene. We are dedicated to keeping our patients happy and healthy. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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