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We accept most insurance plans and are happy to help you understand the coverages that you have.  As a courtesy to our patients we will file your claims with your insurance company.  We will do our best  to see that you receive your maximum insurance benefit for all covered services, but it is important  that you understand that dental insurance is intended to cover some, but not all, of the cost of your care.  Dental insurance is typically a contract that exists between your employer and the dental insurance company.  The employer, sometimes the bargaining unit, decide, usually based on cost, what services will be covered, and even sometimes under what circumstances, those services are covered.  The specific contract that your employer chooses provides you with coverages that may be similar or different to the other employers in your area.  Dental insurance plans  include co-insurances, deductibles, and other expenses that are your obligation to pay.   We hope to help you understand the nuances of your coverage so that you may maximize your coverage to the benefit of you and your family!   Remember, your dental insurance is a part of your income package, and should be thought of as a part of your plan to take care of your family!

Please be aware that the total fee, regardless of your insurance*, is ultimately your responsibility.  We do expect your co-insurance and your deductible at the time of service, unless other payment arrangements have been made.  We will work with you to understand your specific insurance plan and are happy to answer your questions.

*  Happily for you, Dr. Trask has chosen to participate with the largest insurance vendors in the United States.  This means that if your employer has a PPO (Preferred Provider Organization dental contract) with AnthemDelta DentalGuardian, or Metlife we will discount the fee charged, in accordance with the specific PPO contract in force.  This means that your co-insurance is based upon a smaller amount, ultimately costing you less money, and equally important, providing you with more services each benefit year.

Payment Methods and Financing:
We accept: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, Debit Cards and personal checks.  We also offer interest-free financing through CareCredit. 

No Insurance? No Problem!

At Monroeville Dental, we want all of our patients to have the chance to recreate their smile into one that they want to share with the world. That's why we've created our Monroeville Dental Health Plan. No insurance? No problem!

This plan can help patients afford dental care needs for them and their families. If you have any questions, would like to learn more, or would like to apply, feel free to call our office today at (419) 465-2574 for more information!

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Monroeville Dental Pamphlet

Monroeville Dental Pamphlet

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