Composite Fillings Restore The Look And Function Of Your Smile

Need a dental filling? Fillings are used to treat cavities and repair damaged teeth. Composite fillings can restore the look and function of fillingsyour smile. Monroeville Dental, which is located in Monroeville, OH, and serving the Monroeville, Willard, Bellevue and Norwalk, OH, areas, offers a full range of dental services. Dr. George Trask is one of the top dentists in Monroeville, OH. Here are the five reasons to consider cosmetic fillings.

#1- Beautify Your Smile

Composite fillings can take your smile from so-so to stunning. Traditional amalgam fillings are less popular than composite fillings because of their silver-like appearance. Once your dentist completes your composite filling, it will look completely natural and will not be noticeable when you speak or smile. 

#2- Maintain Tooth Health

Composite is a mixture of acrylic resin and powdered glass-like particles that produce tooth-colored fillings. Composite fillings work wonderfully for cavities. Most of the healthy tooth structure can be preserved, and the material serves to hold that structure tightly together to prevent further decay and fracture.

#3- Improve Oral Function

Fillings may last many years but eventually all fillings need to be replaced. Composite is a strong material that provides good durability in dental restorations. Composite dental fillings are strong enough to use in back teeth. They can be expected to withstand biting and chewing forces well. 

#4- Avoid Allergens

Some people are allergic to one or more of the metals in amalgam dental fillings. For patients who are allergic to the metals used in amalgam fillings, composite fillings can restore the teeth without risk of an allergic reaction.

#5- One Single Visit

Say goodbye to lengthy treatment sessions at the dentist's office. Your composite dental fillings can be completed in one single visit. The treatment will be completed quickly and you will leave the same day with your dental restorations.

Having composite fillings done will do your smile a world of good. If you need dental fillings, call Monroeville Dental in Monroeville, OH and serving the Monroeville, Willard, Bellevue and Norwalk, OH, areas at 419-465-2574 now to schedule an appointment. We want all our patients to have strong, healthy smiles that look beautiful, too.


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